This site is a QAF fics host, and a backup/clone of the 4shared DL accounts that can be found in the sidebar over at GIH (GetItHere@LiveJournal).

I tried to set up something easy for you to use, as easy as the GIH 4shared accounts, though – unfortunately – there’s a few down things (I’ll come back to that in a few). One of those things is that you need to log in to see and DL the fics. So, here is the info you’ll need:

EDIT (June 23, 2015): It seems like the box to log in to the archive isn’t showing anymore. While I’m trying to figure this out, you can have access to the index of the archive by clicking on the link below. It’s not pretty, but hey! all the fics are here again ;)


The other down things are:

1) you cannot download more than one fic at a time. That means, if you want to DL 10 fics, you’ll have to DL them one by one :(

2) you cannot add (or delete) a fic by yourself. I’ll have to check regularly the 4shared accounts of the comm for new fics to add here. I’ll try to do that once a week at least.

What you also need to know is:

1) All fics are listed by author. Authors known under different pennames have been regrouped in one folder and all pennames have been specified in the name of the folder. All fics have been labelled with only one of the pennames (usually the shorter one or the most known name – as far as I know, so please feel free to correct me).

For example: Folder named Carly aka Brandnewloser aka mournthewicked. Fics labelled [by Carly].

The different formats of a story (txt, rtf, doc, docx, pdf, mobi, epub…) can be found in the same folder, though all the fics are not available in all the formats.

When 2 authors wrote a fic together, you’ll find the fic under the ‘Collaborations’ folder.

I didn’t check out every fic but the fics I came accross to or knew about that are unfinished (WIP, hiatus, abandonned…) are in a separate ‘Incomplete’ folder, still under the author’s name.


2) When a fic is from a specific category (like MPREG, RPS, Raw…), I added that category in the name of the fic.

For example: Rubbed Raw [by KaMiKaZe] – MPREG.doc.

That way, when you’re searching through a folder, you can immediately notice those categories. I also put those fics under the ‘by Categories’ folder (with the incomplete ones still in a separate folder). Again, I didn’t check every fic, so there’s probably some MPREG/RPS/Raw… fics somewhere. Feel free to point them out to me ;)


3) Under the ‘by Sites’ folder are fics from sites that have disappeared. Like the Geocities sites, ‘On to you’ or ‘The Liberty Diner’

The zip files for the BJfic.net provided by blklizard@LiveJournal (here and here) are also available but know that every fic present in those zips has been added separately to this site. So if you’re just searching for one fic, you don’t have to download the whole zips if you don’t want to :)


4) When a fic has one (or more) sequel(s), I put them all in the same file (except when all I have are pdfs). Those fics have a + sign in their name.

For example: The Day They Met + Rush of the Past [by Nina].doc where ‘Rush of the Past’ is the sequel of ‘ The Day They Met’.

Fics with sequels can also be found under a more ‘general’ name like KINDRED Series [by Maleficent].docx. That file regroups the stories ‘Like Romeo and Juliet‘, ‘Toreador Blood Smells Like Roses‘, and ‘The Birth of an Apocalypse‘.

As always, if the sequel is unfinished, you’ll find the fics (the one(s) finished + the unfinished sequel) in the ‘Incomplete’ folder under the author’s name.


5) Last but not least, 1 fic is available to DL but has been edited (presentation and mispelling). It’s The Keeping Series [by Vamphile] – EDITED.doc. It can be found unedited but incomplete in one of the BJfic.net zips. I didn’t have the time to copy and paste (again) all chapters of the series so if anyone have the complete series in one file (or one file by story at most), please let me know. I’ll replace the file for the DL.


If you need to contact me for any reason:

- to thank me or yell at me,

- to send me more fics to upload,

- to tell me that x and y are one and only author,

- to let me know that that specific fic can be put under the Raw category (or any other category),

- or just to say hi!,

you can do so by leaving a comment to this post. No need to register for that – although if there’s too much spam, we’ll probably have to ;)

I hope that everything is clear and that you’ll find the site helpful. :)